Blog PARTY {DAY 1}! - Lets be UNpopular!!

Woahhh boy friends.. I'm going a little Nutty doing WAYYYY too many things at once!! So many fun projects happening right now BUT first up is the Book LAUNCH blog Party for my book!!! Yay! Today is the FIRST day of the 'party'!!

In addition to others posting, each week i'll be posting multiple blog posts from myself, and from SO MANY amazing other illustrators! I'm so so excited! This week already we have 10 incredible people participating!

This week's topic is....
so lets get started!!

^ This doodle was the START of page 16 in my Book! ^

Holy Cow, i still suffer with "Why Don't Like They Me?" syndrome All The Time. ...but the good part of being older, and "wiser" is that i can realize WHO my GREAT friends are, and during hard times, i know i can go to them and they will love me no matter what! It would SO hard to tell my younger self this though.. I'll keep trying to remind young people this though!!! Maybe if it's repetitive enough, they will one day believe me! :D

My friend Margot will be blogging later on today, so make sure to check that out!

Happy Day BEAUTIFUL friends!
See you tomorrow!