Being Yourself is HARD WORK.

I'm not gonna lie... this week was a really hard one for me, and instead of being ANGRY at myself for not posting such pretty doodles people sent me, or to bash myself for not even posting my OWN blog post, i'm just going to tell MYSELF {and YOU} that it's okay... and i'm PROUD of you for taking time to feel better before posting.

As a work-a-holic i tend to FORCE myself to work even when i'm nearly in tears from anxiety. And this week, i didn't. I embraced {being myself}... my anxious self, and did 'fun' things that mean boss lady Jenipher never lets me do... like making art!!! Any art i wanted! [which happened to be work for my business but i still let myself choose!]

Your rest might look like a nap, or it might look like a walk, or even an art project. Any of those sound lovely! 

So... if 'being you' is tiring sometimes.. If you work yourself to the bone.. if you STOP yourself from having fun sometimes, i am GIVING YOU permission to JUST REST

Happy Thursday my beautiful friends,
-Jenipher :)