Who needs a pick me up in the morning? ME!!! and you?

You know those days you just want things DONE ALREDY because you're SO EXCITED and want to share it with the world ALREDY?!

Today is one of those days!!! I want to launch a new product called... DA DA DAAAAAAA!

Are mornings hard for you to get happy? to get going? to get motivated?

Or perhaps you just need a little 'pick me up' in the morning? Me too!!

I actually start my days with anxiety, SO, to remedy this, i'm starting "30 days of Doodles: how to start your day off RIGHT".

Now, wake up with a happy, encouraging doodle waiting for you in your e-box everyday for a whole month!! And since i turn 30 this week [yay!! lets eat cake!] the 1st round is 50% off, AND all profits go to the Lower East Side Girls Club! Only $15 for 30 whole days of special doodles straight to your e-mail box! WHOO HOO!!


Today i'm working on setting up a button thingy to let you sign up [DONE! and above] if you are interested and working out all the fine details! 

I'm super stoked to share this with you and hope i finish it all today! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Happy Monday friends!!