Holy Progress BATMAN!

This week has been pretty crazy! 

Aside from finally FINISHING my book this past week [ahh!!], I had my FIRST book press!! YAY!! Daily Quirk posted about me and my book, and they asked a LOT of great questions! My friend even said reading the interview was like chatting with me, so i'm really glad that i answered them well! :)

I've been working a TON of my portfolio and NEW website for the SCBWI conference that's coming up next week! [how in the WORLD is it February already?!]

And.. I wouldn't by any terms say my card went viral, because it's FAR from that... but for my work, this card had a LOT of interest this past week! 

Buzz Feed and Etsy both posted it. And even before that, i was selling a TON of them! It also did super well at Story! I don't know what happened, but I'm SUPER thankful!

All in all... it's been a pretty hectic, crazy, awesome week. [as long as you don't count being sick for four days of it!] ;)