Foodie Friday: Pie Face

Anything with a smiley faces is wonderful to me!  So, when i saw this restaurant called Pie Face in the city with a smile on it, i always wanted to go!

I finally tried this little apple pie by accident, and it was DELICIOUS! In all honesty, i was super cranky and needed a snack before a band play.

The only thing i would change, or recommend  was that there really wasn't very many vegetarian options for the pies. The only one they had was spicy, and so i was stuck with a quiche. And, NONE of the pies i ate had smiles on them. :(

I had the egg and cheese quiche, a mini apple and mini pumpkin pie. As per usual, i wasn't fond of pumpkin pie, but the quiche and the apple were really good! Especially the apple!