Lets talk [book] PROGRESS friends!!

Goodness friends... i've wanted to write for ages, and I'm just SUPER crazy busy and haven't been able to!! I'm over the moon with how incredible and generous my friend Caitie is. I had the BEST copy writing session with her last Friday morning, and am SO stoked to have drawn some new doodles for my book. I just finished round TWO and THREE of edits! Only a couple more rounds! PHEW!!!

I think i've FOUND the printer i will be using. I'm still waiting for his e-mail about shipping costs but if he IS my future printer, then the books will potentially be ready, printed and shipped in four weeks time! Ahhh yay!! 
I'm also working on a journal to go with the book which i'm SUPER excited about!! I'm hoping that will be ready in the next month too! 
Ahhh soo many fun things!!

PS: For now, my eyes are PEELED looking for a suitable printing place... but please let me know if you have any suggestions!!