Foodie Friday: Vegetarian Dum Sum House

One of the most MAGICAL things you can say to me is "Would you like to go get dim sum?" To add an extra rainbow and a few extra happy dances, tell me it's VEGETARIAN dim sum. I guarantee you're gonna get BIG a hug!!

The Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Chinatown did NOT disappoint! 

I honestly didn't even know vegetarian dim sum existed until my friend Laura told me about it!! And it was KILLER! Our friend Anne knew EXACTLY what to order, and between the 5 of us, we ordered about 12 delicious bites of goodness to pass around the table. The BEST-EST part of dim sum is that it's always super inexpensive. I think we all paid $10! We left, full, satisfied, and with money to spare! It was glorious!

I really have to ask Anne what we ordered so i can give ya'll some tips, but for now, if you're visiting and craving some inexpensive asian food, head to Vegetarian Dim Sum House!!