Foodie Friday: Stella 34

I hate shopping with a PASSION!

I hate trying things on, i have trouble spending money on things that aren't necessary, and most importantly, i hate the THOUSANDS of people who are at Macy's at every hour of the day!  [welcome to NY!]

The shining LIGHT in my most recent trip to Macy's was when boy said 'Okay Love, after you try on these pants, lets get you a treat!'

He found a quaint restaurant cafe on one of the floors called Stella's, and we ordered a big chocolate chip cookie, along with a peppermint tea for me. As we were paying, i noticed the word CHERRY in a biscotti and well, we just had to get that too! 

The cookie was full of chocolaty goodness, and soft, which was just what i needed. And man, am i glad i got the biscotti! It was DELICIOUS. I mean, the kind of delicious that makes me want to go BACK to Macy's!! [craziness!!]

They have a full restaurant, with a decent looking menu, and all the pictures on their website looks amazing. SO, if you need a break from the CRAZINESS called Herald Square Macy's, head over the Stella 34 for a break!! [and get the biscotti!] 

Happy Foodie Friday friends!
-Jenipher :)