Writing a Book, Encouragement, and putting on your BIG GIRL panties!

This post by Elise and Emma from "A Beautiful Mess" was a great post to learn about pitching, and getting pitched a book. It was really eye opening actually...  

Our blogs are our platform. In the past few weeks i've been working REALLY HARD trying to blog with intention more, which sometimes 

just seems like more pressure. 

I'm not quite at the blog worthiness as Jess Lively with her living [ and blogging ] with intentions but i'm working on it!!

Encouragement from friends and family have helped a lot too. I STRONGLY recommend you share what's in your heart. The people who care about you will help you out SO MUCH, and it's a complete blessing!!

Please remind yourself of this! EVERYDAY! And i'll be doing the same.
Have a WONDERFUL week!