Sometimes we all need a new lightbulb!

You know when you FINALLY think you've figured things out, and you're FINALLY getting excited about the steps to take and all is well in the world.... and then you talk to someone who says something and a GIANT lightbulb appears and you realize that all the thoughts you had just moments before are GONE because now you have a DIFFERENT path you feel you should take.... yeah.... that was the last few weeks for me....

This giant lightbulb, which btw... i blame Brandy for, has been hindering my thoughts!!!  BUT growing my book little by little... 

Over and over in my brain i keep changing what i want this blog to look like, to mesh with my dreams and that pop in and out of my brain and honestly, i really just need to bribe myself JUST POST and it will s.l.o.w.l.y figure out itself! :)

Here's to not limited...!

Happy Weekend friends,