Mummies, DRY Humor and silly doodles, oh my!

Mike Lowery is super awesome, punny, creative illustrator! 

Never have i found another illustrator who seems to have the same ridiculous mind as me, and when i found Mike's work last year i was super stoked. 

The best part? 

When i took Lilla Roger's "Make Art That Sells" class a couple months ago, Mike was one of the 1st artists that was interviewed. And it was HILARIOUS. I wish i could share it with you! [...but alas i can not]

It's such a blessing to find artists who have similarities to your work because it gives you HOPE

And now i have a little more hope that one day, my time will come, and i'll be able to truly say, "oh my job? i'm an illustrator" and mean it 100%.

Have a creative day friends!!