Motivational Monday....Tuesday....Wednesday!!

I had The BEST morning MONDAY this week!

I'm trying SO HARD to publish blog posts on time, and the funny part is that i finished Thursdays post on Monday, but not Monday's post! 

Anyways... i spent about 4 hours at my FAVORITE cafe, drinking way TOO MUCH tea, and drawing/brain storming for Lilla's class! It was the perfect ME day!

Today also ties in PERFECTLY with last week's 'Declaration Of Youtopic; Self Care! 

Along with days like this morning i decided i really need to

* color more silly doodles, often!
* Make sure to see friends more.
* Paint my nails once a week. 
  [lets see if THAT actually happens!]

Well now that I'm posting this on Wednesday, i guess you'll get two for the price of one tomorrow! :D 

Happy Fourth of July friends!

PS: That whole wheat apple muffin was pretty yummy!