RELAX! Your time will COME!

A minute ago i wanted to share a "small post" [bahahah] in Michelle's Ward's clubhouse to share with my friends about my revelations from yesterday, but it got so long i decided i wanted to post it here to motivated anyone else who's suffering from negative thoughts this week! 
[i planned to show a doodle here but it didn't let me upload one..] #fail


So... i had a REVELATION yesterday! These are mostly all doodles now, but instead of blowing up a bunch of photos, I'm just sharing the words that INSPIRED me yesterday!

- Just because it doesn't happen NOW doesn't mean it's not gonna happen.

- I don't need to be like anyone else. [NOR do YOU!]

- Be true to YOU.

- I never meant to go this route... but I'm glad i went here anyway...

- Sometimes you just gotta hustle to make your dreams come true!

After stressing LITERALLY since Monday's call i realized i have a "RIGHT NOW" mentality and i stressed that i STILL HAVE TO MAKE JEWELRY AHHHH! until i realized that yes, this is my RIGHT NOW but it's only until i figure out everything.

I realized that stressing I'm not doing 'what she is doing to promote' or 'making this' or blah blah blah... that it really DOESN'T MATTER!! Who says i HAVE to make greeting cards or show at NSS, who says i HAVE TO paint this collaged style of color that's popular right now.. i need to get off that comparing horse and just BE ME and when i FINALLY do THAT everything will FALL INTO PLACE.

PHEW! I didn't mean this to be THIS LONG... maybe this should be a blog post now. 
[and NOW IT IS!] 
Sigh.. lol okay! off i go.