It's not MONDAY silly rabbit!

After being gone for 5 days in Florida enjoying sunshine and an engagement party my mom through for Boy and Me, I'm back in NY!!!

On May 4th, Boy [bless his heart] drove back and forth from Queens to Brooklyn 6 times!!! 6! to help me with Etsy Ny's Spring Cavalcade. To say thanks i brought home some new members of our family! 

Welcome... THE TRIPLETS! Our new succulent! 

While home, i had LOTS of snuggles from this lovely lady above, Isabella. :)

AND, after using a laptop AND a tablet.. i got to listen to Michelle Ward's latest "Grown Up Gigs"! Jessie Smith Larson was a lovely person, and I'm so thankful i got to 'meet her'. :) 

 Last but NOT least... 
All of my [paper] artwork at Caddywampus! My work can be found in THREE states now!

never give up on your dreams friends!!!
smiles to you,
PS: Happy Motivational NOT Monday!