It's Motivational [NOT] Monday!

Ahhh i didn't realize how much i missed this blog until JUST NOW as i type this!

It's been a CRAZY month! Hardcore yo!
I finished painting [and hanging!!!] my artwork at Modca last night. whoo!!!


Fun Insta's from the past couple weeks. LOTS of painting! Zine Making, and a DELICIOUS meal Aimee from Artsyville made for a ladies craft day! 

While i have your attention, i want to tell you that this blog has been COMBINED with my other blog, Nightly Doodles! Together, this blog will take over the world! 
[and will have more consistent content!]

All of my paintings will be at Modca Cafe in Brooklyn for the WHOLE month of May! Go see them if you're near ANDDDD come to my opeining! 

Now it's time to prep for Etsy NY Spring Calvecade which is THIS Saturday from 10-6! ANDD... then! Hop on an airplane at 9:30 for my ENGAGEMENT PARTY! Whooo! 

Happy Motivational Thursday friends!