Facebook, Cheese making, and Asking for help.

I just want to start out by saying not everyone will agree with me... boy certainly wouldn't... but Facebook is amazing.

To keep myself from spending pretty much any money, and to make myself get everything done that i have to, i really haven't left the house. Like, at all. In days.

The problem with that is by the end of the day i start to get sad. Especially random nights when boy has plans and i know I'll literally be alone and home from early AM to late PM...

Tonight, while having a mini sad-down, i posted on Facebook and asked what people suggested. 12 people wrote back. 12!!!! I'm literally amazed and thankful.
My friend [and neighbor] Jenny was randomly online, and invited me over for tea.[her husband was at the same event Boy was] We ended up making ricotta cheese from scratch while i was there which was BEYOND cool! Then i came home, painted and packed orders. It was perfection. 

Asking for help sometimes isn't bad. Even if it's online. Don't be scared you're going to annoy people or share too much. The right person will respond. Or in tonight's case... 12.