DIVE INto you Dreams!

shh... this post will ACTUALLY be posted on my "Nightly Doodles" blog tomorrow so don't tell! 


It's time to take action and DIVE IN to your dreams!

I drew this doodle during one of Jen Lee's Right Brain video summit call last week. And THEN i colored it while listening to a "Grown Up Gigs" call by Michelle Ward.

SO MUCH listening lately.
So many doodles! :D
Happy Thursday!


I'm applying to win a #RBBIZ scolorship which is really why I'm sharing the same post on both blogs. 

So, here is a terrible video explaining WHY i want this scholarship. Sorry about my hair!! [hey, i work from home!] ;)  

After watching my own video:
ACK! lol i talk really fast, and ramble... Ha. This is so scary.