Today. Was. Glorious!

Good golly! Today has been SUCH a good day! 
This week has actually been STUPENDOUS!! So much to share...!! [I'll just post about today though.]

 This week is week one of Jenn Lee's video summit and day 3 spoke DIRECTLY to my heart! The video was with Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls, and it was INCREDIBLE

Today instead of Hulu-ing, i decided to listen to a bunch of Michelle Ward's videos, which was quite exhilarating. It was seriously a great start to the day. 

^ City Reliquary // My Dream Series collection! Now sold at << ^

By 9:30am this morning i finished all of my mandatory work, and did a TON of other work before meeting boy for cookies, and reading Jessica Swift's E-book.

Between Jess's confident nature and support from my friend Margot, i did something i never thought i would! I signed up for Lilla Roger's class. AHHHH!!! 

So. Freaking. Crazy.
I was SO excited i got hiccups! 

After that excitement i dropped off my work at City Reliquary!!! [which NOW sells my Dream Series and some pendents Billy and I created!!!!] and then off to Dumbo for an Etsy NY team meeting. :D 

I met great friends, i got a FREE brownie after telling the guy at the West Elm cafe about my art show at Modca, and i purchased a new mini plant at a children's shop I've always wanted to go to.    

All in all, today was glorious! I feel excited for the next few weeks of my journey! :D

What's new with you? 
-Jenipher :)