Motivational Monday! YAY!!

^^ eeeee i'm SO excited to show you more of these...but FIRST... ^^

I know it's late and i need to keep more of a schedule for blogging, but it's REALLY important to me to blog my Motivational Monday post ON Monday. [and not the night before]. It's a great way for me to actually reflect on a whole work week to see what's new and exciting!

So this week as UBER productive!
My work got accepted into THREE more shops in addition to the Modca show i wrote about last Monday! [which is now going to be displayed in May, not June]
So! That's a total (5)!!! shops I've gotten into in LESS than a year! And one i can add more by the end of February! 

How freaking cool is that?!

 On Saturday i got my 1st shipment of canvas' for my art show and i spent almost all of Sunday painting painting painting!! 

I can't express to you HOW excited i am to get the opportunity to paint these and show all of them in a few month! I've only painted these few and have gotten SUCH good feedback to far!

Off to keep on painting! 
[and watching Big Bang Theory!!] 

What's new and exciting with you?