Motivational Monday: HELLO 2013!

I know i didn't say it on the blog, but I've been in Florida for about a week and a half so far... I've wanted to blog but just couldn't. I left at 5am last one week ago from today, and had many things to take care of!

I came to Orlando to prep my home... get rid of everything and three days later, it's officially on the market. [anyone need a condo??]

I was REALLY anxious to come here. I won't get into it the complications of it, but i WILL tell you it was by far, one of the most growing experiences. I learned so much about myself and my lack of celebrating how much I've grown
 I had great conversations with shop owners that carry my work and have had REVELATIONS about how far Nightly Doodles have come!
^ The FIRST Nightly Doodle cards EVER! ^

I enjoyed looking through new prints i was picking up. It helped me realize how much BETTER I've gotten with my art. 

I picked up the FIRST ever greeting cards i made at two shops. I looked at it and said 'omgosh, i actually thought this was good!' and the shop owner said something along the lines of 'Well, at the time it was! Now you've just come farther." FAR the BEST answer and a big DUH JEN!
 ^ the first batch of 'finished' nightly doodles that were ever printed!! ^
I under celebrate because i think i should be father along in my art journey when in reality, I'm EXACTLY where i should be. 

 I mean really... ^look^ how far I've come!

So i'll be one of the LAST to say it... Welcome 2013. I'm very very excited for you.
Happy 2013 friends..