"Monday" Motivation!

Okay...i know it's not Monday, but i had too many meetings yesterday to blog!

Coming back to NY has been a lot busier then i originally thought. Luckily, it's all been GREAT!

I've gotten a TON done, and made a bunch of progress. 

 1. worked a TON on my Etsy shops and actually got a sale on my Nightly Doodles site!

2. I got accepted into a REALLY great shop in Brooklyn! More about that in February!!
[i will tell you that it DOES involve THIS print] 
3. I'm going to have a solo show at Modca! My FAVORITE cafe in New York!!! [it's in June!]

^ THIS ^ 
painting is the inspiration, so in the next few months i will be painting LOADS of canvas' to make a complete collection! 

4. Last night i tried to teach myself how to draw little hands for my ASL paintings. I ACTUALLY got better the more i tried. YAY!!

Today was JUST as busy [and exciting!] but I'll share more with you later in the week.

What have YOU been up to?