This Scardy Kat TRIUMPHS.

I feel paralyzed

^ thanks Dan Lugo ^ 
For the last few days I've wanted to blog, I've made leaps and bounds giving myself GRACE in what i feel I'm going to do with my blog in the upcoming year... I've come up with ideas on paper, and now...

I can't.
to blog.

I keep fighting with myself that barely anyone reads my Cherry Runway or my Nightly Doodles blog anyways, so why is this so hard for me... :(
This week i joined the Clubhouse.  

A group for artistic, business minded, determined women and men who need some community and coaching to make their lives and business' better and more efficient

So far I've already been so very blessed by the folks I've met so far, and the coaching call from today. Which is giving me the motivation to blog right now

It's scary, but the only thing i can do now is persevere... and persevere i WILL!

Thank you for reading my honesty friends.. I'm about to post my Foodie Friday post with even MORE honesty, so please bare with me. :)

Smiles and SO MUCH THANKS,