I'm feeling PROUD of myself. :)

Yesterday was a pretty cool day.

After a few hours of jewelry making at home, i went to meet the boy for lunch. [one of my favorite things!] We ate a delicious vegan lunch and then i went to a BRAND NEW amazing cafe. [which i will blog about Friday] 


While at the cafe, i was working on an interview for something really exciting which i will share with you tomorrow[ish].

While 'researching' for this interview i took a glace at my Tumblr site where i was first sharing my Nightly Doodles... and i was in awe. I'm so proud of how many days i drew, and how far along i've come as an illustrator [not just a girl who doodles]. It's such a blessing. Good golly!  

It inspired me so very much that i have decided I'm going to start doodling every night again, in addition to the colored doodles i post on my Nightly Doodles blog.

I'm so excited about this new/old venture that i drew for over an hour last night, which made my heart so very happy!

I recommend looking into your past accomplishments small and large when you feel like you need your passion's fire re-lit.

It helped me so much yesterday.
now off to find me that cupcake. ;)