Foodie Friday: Quinoa; To Eat or NOT to Eat.

                            Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I've been eying quinoa for a long time now... and aside from FINALLY learning how to properly say the same Keen-Wah, I've been incredible intimidated to try cooking it.

Thus, on this fine Foodie Friday, instead of blogging about where i ate this week, i'm going to blog these recipes, to hopefully keep myself accountable to try,to INSPIRE you to try cooking quinoa!

                    Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

These top two recipes are totally something i would make at home, and hopefully i WILL try in the next couple weeks. This one below though, looks GORGEOUS to my eye, but i most likely will not be trying. 

                              Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I'm not a huge pomegranate fan for the texture... but i AM a pomegranate fan when it comes to doodling them. :

That counts right?
I think so. :)

Happy Foodie Friday friends!