Foodie Friday: Christmas Pie.

This is the first Christmas i haven't spent in Florida with my family. 

The boy and i wanted to do something special and relaxing for the holiday so we decided to stay home all day and make a nice dinner while we danced, baked, listened to music and watched movies. 

 ^ Our fancy salmon, mashed potatoes, and salad ^
It was the first time I've ever made a pumpkin pie and i had no idea what to do.
I found an easy enough recipe, and headed out to do my shopping

Low and behold, NO ONE had Pumpkin Spice, OR a vegetarian friendly pie crust. So, $20 later, i bought a graham cracker crust, and i made my own DARN Pumpkin Pie Spice, thanks to Joy The Baker.  

 ^ boy Instagramming our snazzy pie!^
All and all it was a successful Christmas. It was my first one where i was joyful, thankful and content, and i shed not a single tear. 
 (Which for that last one, is a REAL Christmas miracle)

I sincerely hope you all had a nice holiday too.  
Best Wishes
A happy Foodie Friday!