Foodie Friday: Milk and Cookies Bakery.

 The boy and i LOVE cookies.
Well...we're not discriminatory, we love all SWEETS!

So when i saw a Groupon from Milk and Cookies Bakery in NYC i had to buy it!

This quaint gem of a bakery is hidden in an adorable little brown stone apartment 'complex' and is chock FULL of delicious treats!

We picked out 8 cookies and an 'oreo sandwich' cookie. 9 cookies!! craziness! 


We rushed home, and broke up a bunch of cookies. While shipping orders that night, i found these amazing cookie monster patches... 

The sugar rush made a dance party, photo party and a very hyper Jen happen. 

The cookie monsters really enjoyed the cookies too!

So...what cookies did we buy?
  • chocolate chip
  • toffee chip
  • peanut butter
  • (2) mint chocolate chip
  • a salty oat nut 
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • double chocolate 
Oddly enough... chocolate chip and the Oreo sandwich have been my fav's so far. :)
Four days later and we still have two cookies left! HOORAY! We did AWESOME at 'rationing' this time around.