Rockaway Beach and the amazing Taco!

I've been having issues posting on time while in Florida, THUS I'm posting this tonight to make sure it's up for tomorrow! :)


Boyfriend and i went to Rockaway Beach a few weeks ago. My friend Alicia told me about a 'honey festival' and we wanted to go check it out. :) 

In addition to trying a bunch of yummy honeys while we were there, we took a nap on the beach, took some fun photos and ate the 

i've ever had!

Did you freaking SEE IT!?!?

THIS, dear friends, is a fish taco from Rockaway Taco.

Mmmm... I miss it.
I can't wait till next year when we can get another.

If you're ever in NY in the summertime, make sure you head to Rockaway Taco, you really WONT regret it!

Smiles to you dear friends.

Happy Friends!