Lime + Cornmeal = a Happy Cookie!

Happy !!!

...You know when you go to a cafe and there's something that sounds just WAY too cool NOT to try?

This was my predicament wonderful problem when i was at Amy's Bread in Chelsea Market this week!

Behold the cornmeal lime cookie!!

A dense, perfectly sweetened cookie that was graced with enough lime that someone like me* can still enjoy! 
 *i am without a sense of smell, so sometimes it hinders my taste buds. :(

 I took a bite with no expectations, just curiosity... and it was WAY better then expected! In fact, the density of it was perfect! It filled me right up and gave me the energy and sugar rush i needed to help all my customers at the market that day. 

 I can't wait for my next Amy's cookie adventure; the white chocolate cherry chunker!

Have a delicious Foodie Friday!