Hellooooo Chelsea Market.

^ My display at my booth at Chelsea Market ^

Yesterday was my FIRST day at the market and BOY was a it a long one.

It wasn't nearly as busy as i expected which scared me, but i really do love how my display came out, i made some new friends, and the boy is trying to remind me that this is my VERY first time premiering JUST Nightly Doodles merch....

Patience Jenipher, Patience...

I painted a DANDY new sign for my booth display too! It took all day. [as you can tell by my clothing and feet attire] :) :) 

BUT what's MOST fascinating, is that this blog post will be ON TIME tomorrow! 
 [as i am writing it Monday night] which is GLORIOUS since they have been late lately.

Wish me luck at the market tomorrow!!