Tell me Tuesday! [and a NEW ND book!]


I know i've posted on here about the book i self published last year.

In 2011, i was given a very generous artist development grant from United Arts Organization. The funds provided me with many things, including funding to [self publish] my own book of "Nightly Doodles"

This 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 square, full color book, houses 18 original illustrations hand drawn by me. All of my 'doodles' are then digitally colored and printed on glossy paper for this book. :)

The book was a big success! Recently, i printed a 2012 edition [again self publishing!] but one day i hope to get the funds or support to have it in bulk. [and have more editions!]

I hope this book inspires you AS MUCH as it's inspired me putting it together.  

Would you like a copy?
:) :) :),