Foodie Friday: Tofu Chinese Food

I really really REALLY love Asian markets!

In New York, we have Flushing, which is in Queens. It's not a market as much as it is a WHOLE town of mostly Asian [mostly Chinese i think?] shops and restaurants and markets!

It's super fun, but slightly confusing because i am often one of the only white folk and have no idea what half of everything is.

There's one amazing market there that has the LARGEST amount of produce and meat substitutes i've ever seen. It's a vegetarians dream. :)

My favorit-ist meal i've made from this market is the one above; White Rice, Peas, Asian cabbage and Seitan.

This particular Seitan was very very thick, and when cooked it kind of tasted like bread. Very fluffy bread, which made it SUPER fun for a carb-ovore like me. :) 

It was super easy too!
Just saute everything, cook the rice and WHAM! It's done. :)

Sometimes being a vegetarian is just TOO fun!
Happy Foodie Friday ya'll!