Cakeballs, Friendships and NYcity.

Today started with a cakeball.
Okay...maybe it didn't START with a cakeball, but my taste buds were VERY happy and content around cakeball time... 

see that pretty lady there, ALSO holding a cakeball? That's Laura from Le Animale. She's makes these stinkin' cute animal totems.

^See!! I told you! How cute!^

We spent a little while this afternoon cruising around Union Square, chatting about life the ins and outs of our business'. 

The piece of advice that has stuck with me and stressed me out [already?!!?] is learning to blog CONSISTENTLY! Sigh..I'm so terrible at this. I've blogged about it OVER and OVER. lol

ALAS... i've come up with something manageable! [i think?]

Posts to keep the Monday blues from coming. Inspiring things i think will bring joy to your day!

I've had so much progress with my Nightly Doodles blog, THUS i want to show off share these whimsical, encouraging doodles with you here on this blog as well. :)
New things are happening ALL the time in my little tiny NY studio! On Tuesdays, i'll show you what's happening and share my new projects!

I will [always] continue with my food obsession. Fridays on the blog are all about what i made, what to make, or ate this week!

Ha, just wanted to show you the cakeball ONE more time. ;) 

There may be a few other blog posts i sneak in there too, but you will now always? YES! Always hear from me on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

If you find i'm slacking off, slap me!! Or just tell me you miss my posts? Or...i guess slapping will work too after all. ;)

Hope you have an inspired day!
jenipher :)