the UC bike challenge.

It's that time again for another Uncommon Goods challenge! 
I just submitted my doodle drawings of bikes for the UC challenge. Bikes have a LOT of meaning for me, so it was both challenging and full filling to share my story below.

Bikes are really important to my family and i. The last few years have been really rough on all of us. At the most difficult time, my parents started to ride a tandem bike together.  The unity that must happen for two to ride a bike together along with all the time they spent together during their rides, helped our family life slowly but surely get better.

 A couple weeks ago i read an article about Rebecca Romain and her husband Jerry saying:

"Riding a tandem bike became the best marital therapy you could possibly ask for. We would always come back completely different—in sync, the team again." 

and that's exactly what helped my parents too. 
I'm so thankful.

*Crossing my Fingers*