The Week of an Artist! (part II)

 A few weeks ago i posted my first 'segment' of "the week of an artist" and i'm here to bring you some more little tidbits of my Insta-gramed life. ;) 

 The last few weeks, as you read in the previous post have been filled with LOTS of drawing, custom orders, and working as hard as i can to make my Etsy shops as BEST as they can be!
(which is a EVERYday job!)

It's also my grandma's birthday today! The boy and i wished her a happy birthday by sending her this photo [along with a bunch of other ones] to her Walgreens for her to pick up. 
[good freaking golly does she love 4x6 photos!!] 

I wonder if i'll still be obsessed with photos when I'm in my 80's...

I hope you're all having a GREAT GREAT day!
smiles to you dear friends,