life is so SO good.

It's been so crazy here. But SOOOO good crazy! I've been traveling to see my family and handle some grown up things in Florida. I just got back a few days ago!

While i was there, this LOVELY lady with the pink DO had her SECOND!! art show [in ONE MONTH!] I'm so freaking proud of her, and SO THANKFUL to call her my friend! 

Good golly Carissa, i love you. 
Her work is amazing, you just MUST look at it.
[here!] and [here!]

I also went from having NO sales in my 'Nightly Doodles' etsy shop, to having not 1... but FIVE!! sales, and a custom order for an original painting! HOORAY!

[i'll show you all of those images tomorrow!]
Amazing things happened while i was in Florida!! I'm still running on the high of greatness!! But instead of being in Floria , I'm doing it while being back home with the boy i love in the city I'm still getting used to. 

Life is good. :)