Brownies, Friendship and Inspiration.

I am so overjoyingly happy!
(yes...that's a word!)
I know it's only three pm (when i wrote this lol, but now it is 4:30) but today has made my heart burst into pieces in a wonderful way.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee from Artsyville today (and her adorable, smart daughter Audrey. I got to take her to my favorite cafe in NY, The Bean, share fudge-y brownies and chat about out life, art, and having kids.

Audrey was more inspiring then i even thought possible. And the way she described her other daughter brought more nostalgia then I've felt in a while.

This doodle is for you scientist Audrey!

I hope you're having an inspired day, or at least have a day coming up where you can fill up your heart with joy, love, and motivation!

Much love friends,