Uncommon Goods: Jewlery Contest!

This past Tuesday i went to a STELLAR branding event held by Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn, NY. I can't wait to blog about the event [later today?] but first i wanted to share my progress this morning!

I had the privilege to chat with co-founder Thomas Epting at the event and he recommended i submit my work to their jewelry design competition.

So...i did! I literally JUST pressed send! This is what i said about my necklace "Organic Tiger"...

"When i was 9 years old, i started cutting the pull chains off my mom's fans to make 'jewelry'.

20 years later, and LOTS of new collections and journeys later, I'm still making jewelry!  But now, instead of hunting for fan pull chains, I hunt for really unique stones and treasures to create unique jewelry that's great for everyday, and easy to dress up or down.

'Organic Tiger' was
COMPLETELY inspired by the incredible Carnelian pendant i found. The texture and shape of this pendant was so unique, that the necklace kind of made itself. An organic mix of Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and Swarovski Crystals dangle off of a textured oxidized Sterling chain.

I hand wrapped the pendent and individually wrap each stone and crystal using a technique called a rosary turn.

To continue the unique journey of this necklace, i put a lobster clasp on the end of the chain so it can be worn like a lariat, in many different lengths.

My company,
Cherry Runway has come SO FAR since i was 9! In the last 20 years, i have created two unique jewelry lines and am constantly adding to these collections. In addition, i have started drawing motivational, colorful illustrations to encourage people to know they are not alone in this world."

Eek! I'm really proud of me for being brave enough to send in my application and so honored Thomas thought my work was unique enough to recommend the contest to me!

On top of the world,
Jenipher :)