Foodie Friday: Neo Shanghai.

Happy Foodie Friday!!
The boy and I had a pretty yummy lunch last week when i visited him at work in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We went to a Chinese resturant that opened just a few months ago called "Sensation Neo Shanghai Cuisine"
We've each gone there a few times, the first time ordering a smorgasbord of goodies. [see below!] The 'juicy pork buns' [from what i hear] and some of the best folks have had. If you look at Yelp, ask the waiters, or ask my boyfriend, they will tell you that.
::sesame veggie pancakes, veggie wonton soup, seaweed salad, and juicy pork buns::
But for those of us, who can not enjoy them, i really liked my meal above. It was light, flavorful, had nice texture, and was JUST filling enough that i was satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.
The Spain vs Romania game was also on, which was a huge plus for the boy. :)
If you're craving Chinese in Brooklyn, i would recommend this restaurant.
Happy Foodie Friday!!