Foodie Friday: Union Square Market

My friend Julissa and i met up at the Union Square market today to play catch up. 

One of my FAVORITE parts of living here is HOW many amazing markets there are in the city. --this market, i think being my FAVORITE.
Juli and i both were kinda hungry, and even though im REALLLYYY frugal i budged and bought this vegan empanada

It was even BETTER than i expected! It was filled with kale and mushrooms and had a whole grain breading...? 

For those of you who know me, i don't have a sense of smell, so i'm often wary of foods that look like they might not be flavorful enough for me to taste, but this was very filling. Completely satisfying. And i helped a local vegan gentleman.

All in all, it was lovely afternoon; just cool enough, great company, lots of laughter and delicious treats to snack on. :)

Now....back to the work cave for me!! :D
Have a happy Friday ya'll!