Welcome to NY!

Sorry i haven't been around in a month. 

I never {realized} how  I N S A N E  moving to another state could be.  Silly me...i really thought i had things together and ready, but no way Jose! 

But now i am, in NYC, trying my hardest to adjust to a [very] different life now. It's been really hard, i'm not going to lie, but i'm thankful for my choice. 

Thankful for the boy above, for the delicious food i've eaten, and thankful I'm in a state of SO much RANDOM! We went to a "Adventures of Pete and Pete" reunion and it was FAN-tastic

BUT, in my time away from my blog, i've been evaluating how i write it, how often i write, and what my content should really consist of. I promise LOTS of really cool new blogs soon.

Maybe even tomorrow. ;) 
Have a FUN Friday Foodie Friends!
much love,