"Azucar" ICE CREAM! {Food Friday!}

Two weeks ago, Mandy took me to a {sweet} little place called "Azucar".  This home made ice cream place in Little Havana, is run by Suzanne Batlle, who was previous a banker and now running Azucar with help of her friends and family.

 OKAY, this is, BY FAR, one of the most delicious ice creams! It has vanilla cookie pieces, cream cheese and guava in it, and it was DIVINE.

i SPECIFICALLY asked for a 'cup' of ice cream with a cone on top JUST so i wouldn't drop all my ice cream out of the cone, and my "genius" plan STILL backfired!! I dropped the CONE on the floor. :( It was a very sad experience, and I'm sure the delicious, but at least there were bunches of amazing vanilla cookies IN the ice cream to make up for it! :D 

I recommend going to Azucar next time you're in Miami, and make sure to check them out on Facebook too!

Happy Eating!