Meeting Bakerella!

Meeting Bakerella; a story of happy inspiration

Last Saturday i had the PRIVILEGE of meeting Bakerella at my local Barnes and Nobles. 

She briefly told us about how 'Bakerella' started, and let us ask any questions we wanted. She was so lovely, and so was her mother [who was her photographer that afternoon]. After she talked to us, we all got to meet/greet her, have her sign her book, and take pictures with us. Granted, in mine she wasn't looking at my camera, but her mom got a picture of us that she will hopefully post on her Flickr account. 

It was SUCH a pleasure, and I'm so glad she finally came to Orlando to meet all her lovely fans in our area. [and a few other cities within two hours! a bunch of ladies DROVE hours to meet her!]

A couple weeks ago, some friends and i made out on 'easy' version cake pops. They don't look NEARLY as good as Bakerella's, but they tasted WONDERFUL. :)

It was a great afternoon, and very inspiring. 
I hope you had a GREAT weekend too!
smiles to you friends,