FEAR in blogging.

Blogging has been uber hard for me, but inspiring as well. After taking Holly's Blogging You Way class, i've gotten a better grasp of the blogging world, but i still deal with the anxiety i've always felt with it. :( 

But tonight, while reading the 'up up creative' blog, [a creative business lady i both admire and feel inspired by] i noticed this little GEM in her bio;

"... a post-partum depression & anxiety survivor. if you found me because of that, definitely read through the archives, reach out and say hi, and more than anything else just hang in there"

...and i suddenly felt less alone in this blogging world, knowing that it's okay that I'm suffering through a lot of things in life, in general, and even MORE...that's it's OKAY that I'm SHARING it with all of you. 

My MAIN goal in my life is to inspire, and i do hope, by sharing my life and my struggles with all of you on this blog, that one day someone will read my blog and think 'hm...i feel less alone in the world too'. 

I hope you've had a BEAUTIFUL thanksgiving week, and i look forward to writing more openly to ya'll soon.