Hello, Help Me, and Hooray.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind... so many things happening, most not so great, that i feel lost in the shuffle of life. It's so draining, and saddening when things are out of your control and yet you have to take the fall for them. I recently had room mate.... 'troubles' and had to ask them both to leave. This is a huge issue for me seeing as i have a whole house to pay for, and not enough income to support it. After they [finally!!!!!!] left, i noticed a ton of damages done to my house, they didn't pay me all the rent money they owed me and my camera is missing.

It seems so sad that heart is breaking so much over the loss of camera... way more then the missing chunk of my sink..how DO YOU crack a sink?!?! And why woudn't you tell someone you broke said sink?

Anyways....since i'm out hundreds of dollars [pre-repairs], don't think i can buy a new camera right now, and without a camera, i can't color new doodles. [my camera is my 'scanner'.] 

Aside from all the trauma/drama in my house hold life, I'm getting more and more scared that now my ears have hurt me for 10 months now. I've been putting off seeing a specialist until i had a little bit more money saved, but i think i just need to book the appointment already. I'm actually really scared, i don't know whats wrong and my doctor can't see anything that looks out of the norm, which terrifies me more.

Even during all this mess, i really am thankful that i have such good friends. New and old friends have been pretty supportive, lended me MANY OF ears to babble on to, or to cry and cheer with. So although i am very out of sorts right now, i feel blessed at least that I'm not going through it all alone.

I hope you are all doing well, and having stress free weeks, and if for some reason you're going through a rocky time, i hope you do in fact have people that are standing by you to hug you and hold your hand. ...or at least to bring you ice cream.

Have a day full of sunshine dear friends.
Jenipher :)