Rest. Have some.

Today while thinking about the 'end of the world', i begin thinking about what i may regret if i did die suddenly.

Happy i know...
But i realize that even though I'm getting help with my anxiety; i still worry so much i feel hindered by it. I still worry all the time that I'm a burden, i constantly worry about what i consume. And that's just some of the daily burdens along with the regular ol' grown up stuff. I realize it's illogical to have such worries all the time, but like the saying says 'so much easier said then done'.

Which is why i think today's 'daily colored doodle' is so appropriate.

I never really thought the world was going to end today, but i am very thankful i got to spend another day alive and well.

I hope you're day was fulfilling.
Do something that makes you come a l i v e!!

smiles to you dear friends,
Jenipher :)