Opperation: well-doodle.

I'm going to ignore the fact that i don't like my font on this doodle. I won't even mention that it bothers me it's not 'pretty' enough... because fact is... 'the doodle is as beautiful as i'.

There's a car dealer at my job who told me twice now
[in his Spanish accent];
"You are as beautiful as your dooodless"

Well...This doodle isn't perfect, but it is loved just as much as i am, even though i'm not perfect. If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you know that i have been constantly struggling with eating issues the past two years. I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself that even though i'm gaining weight, i am still beautiful. My beauty is NOT defined by how small my waist is; how smart i am; and how talented/successful i am.

I am beautiful because i am genuine.
I am beautiful becuase i am flawed.
I am beautiful because God made me this way.
And I'm so very thankful He did.

YOU are so beautiful!!
love, Jenipher