Social Media; pros and cons.

[[brian and I in 2005]]

I was talking to my [talented] friend Brian tonight via video chat. Goodness, how amazing is that? I got to SEE him, and we live about as far as we can from each other in America. We were talking about our goals, what we're doing right now, etc... but the more i got to thinking the more overwhelmed i got.

I was raised in a entrepreneurial house hold, it's all i know. But since the internet is our primary market for advertising now, a lot of the advice i was given is null. I feel like i'm drowning in social media... How does ANYONE keep up with it all?!

* facebook
* tumblr
* Carbon Made
* Flickr
* personal website
* blog
* big cartel
* etsy
* zazzle

This is only the beginning. How does everyone work SMARTER at this genre of marketing? I want to continue to grow my business and meet new people, but it seems endless.

* reading blogs consistently
* blog commenting
* catching up with people
[in real life and online life]

Considering I'm barely afloat in my current day by day life, it seems like the internet ocean is going to swallow me whole. Many days i just want to say screw it, get offline, and try something different all together; unrelated to the Internets.

But most days i realize how rewarding it is to not only meet dozens of incredibly talented people but have the chance to inspire others though my work; courtesy of my handy computer. I suppose i'll just have to keep working at it, working at my pace, and learn what works and what's a waste of time in this crazy world of social media.

Until then...
Have a FAB start of the week.
Smiles to YOU!

[[brian and i now]]