Foodie Friday! - Baked Brie Bread Bowl.

Say that four times fast!!!

Oh...Brie Bread were a wonderfully horrible thing.

It's so simple, i highly recommend it! But i'm giving you a fair warning. Make sure to invite MANY friends over when you make this. It was SO delicious that my friend Jenny and I DEVOURED it. I said it friends, you have been WARNED! :)

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

We were searching for Sour Dough round loaf, but found a "semi-sour dough" variety. [i found it to be very good. my friends said it was so-so] First step is to cut out a lid/top of the bread.

Hallow out a decent amount from the inside of the bread to make...ta da! a bowl. Put a wrapped brie round inside the "bread bowl". Add preserves on top. We used Current preserves, but apricot should be very good as well. We added pecans on top as well, but they are purely optional. Then put the bread "lid" on top. Cover it in tin foil and put on a cookie sheet.

Now...i just realized, i have NO idea how long we put that in there for. Ha! I think it was 20 mins. I will have to ask my friend Jenny... Either way, the bread should be a little crispy and the brie should be gooey.

I mean could you NOT want to eat that?? Mmm...

I forgot a step. The KEY to this dish... The essence that makes it SO delightful is a secret i will share with you... Make sure to invite your friend over to cook, and then have him sleep on the floor with his legs on the couch...kind of like THIS.

Somehow my friend Chip found this very comfortable. He missed out on not only cooking this delicious dish, BUT he missed out on eating it too. lol

I wonder how long it will be before Chip notices i posted this picture of him on here. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Have a wonderful friday!
Peace, love and PBJ,