From MY heart to YOUR eyes.

i feel really loved this morning. last night too.

but it worries me because i don’t want to WANT OR NEED the love of others to make me feel loved or be in a good mood. it’s very hard not to let life and the complications in it get you down. it’s hard to know when it’s okay to just let those emotions in case you and let yourself be sad. the feelings have to come out, i understand, but i can’t let them continuous control me. i just need to be thankful for the good days and be thankful i’m strong enough to get through the bad.

but even more so...i’m so thankful for the constant support in my life. even on the days when i don’t feel like it’s there. it is. and i’m so so blessed for it.

my blessing for ya’ll is that you have people who are there for you!
on the good, bad, and indifferent days!

Peace Love Hugs and Smile,

^ last night's nightly doodle. :)