Yum for One! - Foodie Friday

I love food. I love to cook. I love reading about other folks food related adventures. I want to be part of that adventure! Ha. Thus!! "Foodie Friday" is born. I know i generally talk about food related things quite often on here, but i will try [[operative word is try!]] to limit my love for food related things to Friday's blog spot.

Enter "Crunchy French Toast". Crunchy French Toast is something my mom used to make us growing up, and a food i still love 20 something years later. Essentially, it's french toast with frosted flakes on it, but it's SO MUCH MORE too! :D

I peeled and sliced one apple [i like fugi-ish type apples for this] and sauteed them with honey and butter and a smidgen of brown sugar. I like my apples al' dente, but you can cook them as long as you like. I put them in a bowl with a litte cinnamon and more honey if you'd like.

I then drudged one piece of Arnold's 7 grain bread in an egg with a little milk and cinnamon in it. Then dipped it into a plate of Frosted Flakes. I put the slice of french toast frosted flake side down on the grill and put more Frosted Flakes on the other side.

Make sure to cook the slice long enough that the egg cooks [i seem to get impatient and take it off the burner/flip too soon] but not too long to burn the bread.

And Voila! YUM for ONE! :)

Is there anything YOU like to cook for yourself?

Smiles and Blessings to you friends!